Tree Top Adventure

A couple weeks ago my family escaped the cold and snow and went down to the Caribbean for a cruise on the 2nd biggest ship on the ocean - Royal Caribbean's Freedom of the Seas.  The Oasis of the Seas is the biggest ship EVER (with the Allure in the same class).  I don't think we'll go on that size ship again.  The few perks didn't outweigh the downside of being on a ship with 3,634 others.  With that many people, we had to wait in line for everything and go to the theater 30 minutes early if we wanted a decent seat.  The dining room was noisy and busy with the wait staff rushing around.  For our next cruise, we'll probably return to the Voyager class size, which is one smaller than the Freedom class.

One of the perks of the bigger ship was the Flow Rider - a place to surf.  However, the Flowrider had seats surrounding it so people could watch others wipe out.  As a spectator, it was fun to watch the competitions and when the sports staff demostrated (they're really good).  I might have tried it out if it weren't for the spectators - I didn't want an audience when I attempted the basic moves or did a face plant in the water.  Perhaps they should have had a shy beginners session - no gawkers allowed.

Other than the crowds, we enjoyed our break.  Spent most of our time either on the beach, playing cards or reading on the balcony.  We did one excursion - a tree top adventure in St. Maarten.  There was zip-lining through the trees, but there was so much more.  We climbed rope bridges, walked tightropes, balanced on logs high in the air, and zip-lined.  It was a 45 minute course and, by the end, I was soaked with sweat.

Right before I climbed the ladder into the trees, I had a moment when the pit of my stomach twisted with fear.  We wore saftey harnesses, but still, I've never zip-lined before.  Despite the fear, I continued and had a blast.  Now I have a better understanding of Yelena Zaltana's family living in the trees - expect they did all that without safety harnesses!  My kids even commented on Nutty passing all us "slow pokes."  My son did the best - he loves climbing trees.  Although he wanted to try to beat one of the guides 6 minute record (yes, a 45 min course in 6 min)  - we told him next time.

Here's a picture of me on the first zip-line, before I thought it was fun.  As you can see, I'm hanging on for dear life and my son is standing behind me, waiting his turn.  Soon after, he passed all of us.  We all decided this adventure was the highlight of our cruise.

Anyone else have some adventure they enjoyed?  Something you were scared to do, but did it anyway?


  1. Sounds absolutely amazing. I love zip-lining. I went in Costa Rica back in 2003. I'm also scared of heights so it was an amazing trip. So jealous you escaped the cold. It's been -35 C the past week or so. I'm ready to move somewhere hot.

  2. Sounds so beautiful! I could use some of that sun shine right about now. :) I have a ticket to go sky diving. The closer it gets, the more terrified I am. But I know that I"ll love it!

  3. Amazing. Such a go getter. Fun family time.
    Thanks for tips on size of cruise line. Had never considered the impact of the other vacationers before.

  4. Today I did a public speech (which i was scared to do), but I did great. It was for Ronald McDonald House and I helped raise $40,000 in 1 and 1/2 hours.
    I also have a speech to do in a few weeks to raise money for cancer reserch. After today I feel I can do anything!!

  5. How fun! And a chance to hang out in tree-tops like those you wrote about must have been awesome. Glad you had some good family time.

  6. Thanks for the comments - I wasn't sure how I would do with being so high, but as you can see, I'm lying back so my gaze was focused on the tree up ahead and not the ground.

    Trina - have fun! Sky diving is something I'd NEVER do - LOL.

    Mindy - You ROCK!! And FYI - I did get your email and I will send those books out this week.

  7. I've never done anything like this but I am going on a cruise in June for my honeymoon and we created a honeymoon registry for people to put money towards excursions and we chose a tree top zipline tour as one of ours. It sounds so fun. I can't wait!

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