What a Week!

I sent out my email newsletter on Monday, combining two issues into one because I didn't have a ton of "writing" news.  Well, this week has been rather...eventful :)

First - Zap2it posts an interview with Lachlan Buchanan, an Australian actor who is joining the Pretty Little Liars TV show cast this season.  Seems he is a big reader and he mentioned my books!  That was so cool to read - and if there is ever a movie of Poison Study, I'll be more than happy to return the favor.

Here's a link to the post:

Second - I think the UK office of my publisher is trying to sway the voting for the Touch of Power cover art  ;>  They just sent me an animated cover - you have to click on the box below (I see some people are having trouble bringing it up - I'm working on getting that fixed, so check back in a couple days):

What do you think??  Pretty cool right??


  1. I love it, even better its the UK version (which will be my version)

    Plan to post this on my blog :D

  2. That is awesome! Can you say cool downloadable live wallpaper idea??? I can! I'd totally put that on my droid!

    Jennifer Helms

  3. :( cant get it to work on my blog so i posted a link back to here.

  4. for some reason I can't get it to work :(

  5. Um...that's kinda AWESOME!!

    You deserve the praise and recognition :D I absolutely LOVE your books!!

    Kristin Feliz

  6. It doesn't work for me either - just brings up a black screen. :(

  7. "Right click - open in new tab" will work for anyone who can't get it to open automatically.

    It looks fantastic. I love what the UK is doing with the animated covers, very cool!

  8. !! They totally are trying to sway the voting; that animation is amazing. Also, will we ever actually see a Poison Study movie? I have such bad OCD about details, that I figure there is no one who will ever be able to play Valek properly. >< But a movie would still be pretty amazing to see.

  9. Aww, I can't see it! ><

    It made me excited to read it! Never mind you!
    A poison study movie would be amazing. But, for me, I doubt there is someone I would like to be Yelena. It's weird, but I have no idea now who would play her. Wow, I'm getting so excited and it's not even happening.

    You deserve people to know all about them! They really are an amazing set of books. I can't believe I found them by mistake.

    Would you be able to tell if sales went up at all after the interview? Everyone gets Evermore (Although I liked it, it's never going to match Poison Study!) So, people may see it and think ''I shall put it on my reading list''

  10. If you open the link in a new window or tab, you can probably get it to work! :) I already loved the UK cover over the US version in the first place, which is really rare for me, but the animation is definitely another plus!

  11. It's pretty awesome! UK cover already had my vote anyway ^^ A friend from Europe is suppose to send a copy to me in Canada =)

  12. it is soooooo cool but the uk cover of touch of power had my vote anyway. klara x

  13. Thanks Hoping 4 More~ Opening in a new tab did the trick :D
    Love the animation!! I agree with above: I had my vote on the UK cover :)

  14. I think the animation is going to depend on your computer or device - older ones might not be able to see it. I did upload it onto my website - so try here as well: http://www.mariavsnyder.com/UK.php

    As for a movie - no word of any kind :( And I don't get weekly sales #s so I've no idea if Lachlan's comments influenced my sales. I can only hope :)

  15. See more animated covers at movie-book.co.uk

  16. I will love to see anything u write! Please... Stay strong! I know there's a fandom that will love to follow you everywhere!!

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