Jinxing the Winter and Skiing in the Rain

Yep - it's my fault.  I put a jinx on winter here in Pennsylvania.  It started in late October - the 27th to be exact.  A friend from Montana asked me if it had snowed yet in PA.  I answered her with a "It never snows here in October - we get all our snow in January and February."  Uh huh...  Well it snowed 6 inches on October 30th in a freak storm just to prove me wrong (see pictures).  And we've had no significant snow in Jan or Feb and with many days in the 60 + degree F range, I doubt we'll have any.  Plus it messed up the weather on a global scale and I believe Europe and Alaska are getting all our snow. 

As an avid skier, I'm most put out by this mild winter.  The conditions have been horrible. (Yes, I know this is more reason to come to Utah - but is Utah getting any snow?).  Since my daughter is involved in her school's ski club, I go along to Ski Roundtop Mtn every week with her (which she promptly ditches me for her friends and I ski alone - she's the one shoveling snow off the trampoline).  Due to this lovely winter (yes, that's sarcasm) one night it was pouring rain and we were there.  Yep - all ten of us. 

Well as my daughter put on her ski clothes, I glanced around the lodge at the few  people hanging out with large cups of hot liquid steaming in front of them with their laptops or books, looking very cozy, warm and dry.  Back in my youthful heyday - my group of friends call these people "lounge lizards." This term also referred to those who skied for an hour and then spent the remainder of the day inside.  As the rain pounded the slopes, I considered joining these lounge lizards.  It was very very tempting and I had a book with me....

But I couldn't do it.  I donned my gear, schlepped out to the slopes, and got on the lift.  It was a miserable lift ride.  The rain drummed on my helmet and jacket.  It was so foggy, I could only see four lift chairs in front of me (all empty by the way).  I looked back longingly at the warm glow shining through the lodge's windows and decided - one run then done! 

Except the conditions weren't that bad.  And the fog muted the sounds so those pesky snowboarders who usually blow by me sounding like a freight train under full steam slipped by with nary a sound. It also helped there was only one snowboarder on the slopes and no ice either.  Other benefits became apparent.  No lift lines.  No crowded slopes.  Peaceful.  (the life ride remained miserable, though and I endured multiple trips because the skiing was so much fun)  Who would have thought! 

And once again I'm reminded not to give into my reluctance  - because the times I do something despite my hesitation end up being the best times.

So if you're still with me - I also wanted to post a few links.  There's an interview with Avry and Kerrick that I'd suggest you read AFTER you read TOUCH OF POWER :)  http://eleusinianmysteriesofreading.blogspot.com/2012/02/valentines-blog-event-character.html

And a deleted scene from MAGIC STUDY:

And an interview and contest to win a free TOP with me here: http://booksinthespotlight.blogspot.com/2012/02/author-interview-maria-v-snyder.html


  1. The deleted scene is epic I loved it so much, I've always wanted to go skiing but there's no place cheap enough to go in south England when the snow lasts a day unless it carrys on snowing :(

    1. Sorry to add to the jinxing!! I'm glad you got some good skiing in! Now all you need to do is come try the Montana slopes :)

  2. I love the deleted scene! Valek <3

  3. I wish it snowed in Australia :/

  4. You should definitely come to Utah! There hasn't been much snow in the valley, but there is snow in the mountains, so the skiing would be awesome!

    Loved the deleted scene and the interview with Avery and Kerrick!

  5. They've got snow in the mountains here in Utah, partly because it's snowed occasionally and partly because they're employing snow machines in order to keep the industry alive...

    But those interviews/deleted scenes were fantastic! Mind if I call on you some day down the road for an interview, when I've built my blog a bit more?

  6. This is a well-written article about your ski experience. Good job!


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