Australian/NZ Special Fan Edition of DAWN STUDY

My Australian publisher, Harlequin TEEN Australia is really excited about the release of the last Study book, DAWN STUDY and are doing a bunch of promotions for the book!  One promotion is a special fan edition of DAWN STUDY.  This edition will be printed in hardcover (aka hardback) and have a very cool cover.  It will be a Mosaic of photos uploaded by my readers!  How cool is that?  The edition will also have ICE STUDY, the prequel to SHADOW STUDY as bonus content and a letter for yours truly  :)

Details!  Only AU/NZ readers can upload photos - I know it's not fair, but according to the lawyers the privacy laws don't mesh from country to country.  You can try to upload a photo - but it might be weeded out due to your IP address.  Also please upload a photo of you!  This is your special edition and how cool that you get to be on the cover!

You need to act fast - the end date is 15 November 2016.  Here's a link: 


  1. OOOOMG!!! I wish the US would do something like that!! You know me I ADORE the Study books!

    Any chance US readers can still buy a copy through Book Depository?

    1. I'm not sure, but you may be able to get it through one of the Australian websites and just have to pay the extra to ship to the US. Or find an Aussie friend to help you out :)

  2. Wow--so cool! An I might be moving to Australia (or, you know, anywhere else) after next week anyway :-)

    1. Australia is lovely and I would move there in a heartbeat if it wasn't for my family - can you believe my kids don't want to quit school and move down under? ;)

  3. I wish this came out last year so that when I flew from Perth to Melbourne to see you with all my books i could of gotten this signed.

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