Snyder's Soulfinders!

Snyder's Soulfinders is A NEW Facebook Reading Group for my readers! I started it a week ago and it already has almost 800 members! We're discussing all things BOOKS! Mostly my books, but others as well, and the best part is finding other MVS readers to talk to.

Some popular posts so far:

Introduce Yourself & Name your favorite MVS book: Readers from all over the world have chimed in.

Show off your books: So many lovely collections and amazing bookcases! Jealous!

How did you discover MVS's books: Lots of crazy recommendations and odd circumstances.

Who else writes: Many readers are aspiring novelists.

A discussion on Ari & Janco's relationship: Are they more than friends?

Upcoming Posts:

Ask Maria: A place to ask me questions!

Also I'll be posting news about my schedule and books to the group - FIRST! And hosting special contests to win prizes.

Link to Join:
Snyder's Soulfinders

Please answer 2 of the 3 questions as best that you can! We don't want any trolls in our group! Thanks!!


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  4. Lets hope your indelible soul's coming
    with me to Seventh-Heaven, dear.
    ♡ ♡


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