I finished SCENT OF MAGIC last night, or rather early this morning!!  Wrote my two fav words THE and END ;>  Of course, it's not done done - just a messy first draft that will need many rounds of revisions, starting tonight.

I figured out a few stats for a comment on my Goodread's page, so I thought I'd share.  As I write, I keep track of how many words I finish each night.  I'm a slow writer - and I guessed I average about 1200 words a night - the most in one night for SCENT OF MAGIC was 2664 (Apr 3) and the least was 451 (Jan 18).

It took me 95 writing days over 7 months (mid-Sept to mid-April) and I wrote 101,913 words.  Hmmm...I guessed wrong about my average - I calculated it out and it's 1073 words/night for this book :)  

Each book is a little different.  I went back to my TOUCH OF POWER numbers and it took me 80 writing days over 6 months (Oct to March) and I wrote 99,848 total words.  The max was 2654 (Nov 6) and the least was 296 (Jan 12). Average # 1248 words/night.

Hmmm.... guess it's not THAT different - I'm not very prolific in mid-January! 

Here are the numbers for OUTSIDE IN: 70 writing days over 5 months (mid-March to mid-July) for a total of 78,028 words.  The max was 2380 (May 18) and the least 286 (May 17) hmmm...interesting. Average # 1115 words/night.

Here are the numbers for SPY GLASS: 90 writing days over 5.5 months (mid-June to Dec 3) for a total of 116,542 words. The max was 4186 (Dec 1 - which was near the end - so second max is 2779 on Oct 16) and the least 451 (July 14). Average # 1295 words/night.

NOTE: Both SPY GLASS and OUTSIDE IN were written in that very stressful time when I had two books coming out per year - shudder!

Now I wished I've done this for all my books.  But I started about half way through SEA GLASS as a competition with my friend Judi :)  If it wasn't for her, I'd still be working on that book!

PS: I took that picture in January - it's the sunset behind my house.  I'm a sucker for landscapes and up close pictures of flowers :)


  1. I'm so happy that you finally finished! I cant wait until it's released! Will you consider having a contest giving away some copies before the release date?

  2. Hurrah! I cannot wait!!!! Touch of Power was one of my top ten books last year!

  3. SUPER HUGE CONGRATS!!! Oh, there's nothing better than finally 'giving birth' to a novel. Even knowing that it's just the first paving stone in your walkway to a finished book :)

    I love how you're able to break down your writing stats. I've never been able to even when I tried. But it might be the dyscalculia. Just thinking about numbers makes me queasy.

    Oh, and lovely picture! Nothing beats the beauty of trees and sky.

  4. Woohoo! Congrats! I cannot wait to read this. I really enjoyed Touch of Power and it kind of got me over my "the Study series can't be over" slump. :)

    And thanks for providing your writing stats! It gives me a little hope and something to work for.

  5. YAY! congrats on getting it finished, it's one step closer to being in my hands. :D Can't wait for this one.

    Great to see your writing stats, quite good averages actually.

  6. Yay! Can't wait!! I was wanting something fun to read and picked up Poison Study again. I can't remember if it's the 3rd or 4th read. I just love it every time, like being with an old friend. Never get tired of Yelena and Valek. Sigh....

  7. YAY, I cannot wait to read it!! When it the series comes out at movies I have first dibs on Avry :)

  8. when can we get to take a peek?
    anymore short stories of valek or the power twins?
    i would like more stories of that world.
    tx for this awesome stories

  9. I can't wait! I have been a huge fan of your books since you first released Poison Study! I have multiple copies of each so that I can keep my first edition nice and still have a couple to give out to friends that haven't read any of your work. I seriously can't wait for the release of Scent of Magic, so excited. I was wondering, have you considered releasing a book with all of your newsletter shorts? I know you have E-books for some of them but I don't keep up with that very well and would be thrilled if it was printed! (It's hard to keep my printed newsletters nice. HAHA) Thanks for the fantastic work Mrs. Snyder I look forward to many more adventures!

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