Writing is Like Exercising

No - I'm not talking about exercising the creative muscle :)  I'm talking about how I feel prior to doing either one!  Before I start writing, I procrastinate, find a million other things to do, and generally drag my feet, putting if off as long as possible.  That's the same with exercise, I'll think of a hundred reasons why I don't have time and/or energy and then I'll talk myself back into it a hundred times.

After I finally start each session - it's slow and I'm resistant and my mind is not on board with the whole endeavor.  But once I warm up and get into it, everything goes smoother, and the next thing I know I'm done!  I feel better have energy and am so glad I forced myself to start in the first place.  And this is exactly how I feel for BOTH writing and exercise.  I'm always happier when I'm done :)

I'm sure I'm not alone in this regard.  Anyone else a slow starter?

Update on SCENT OF MAGIC - I'm heading into the final two chapters!  Once I stop procrastinating, and when I finish cleaning the litter box, and........  I'll actually finish it ;>

Oh and yes, that's a picture of my cat Valek - a.k.a Kitty Kat, or the Bug Assassin, depending on his mood.  I'm finding out that black cats are very hard to photograph and cats in general aren't good about posing - prima donnas!  I added the photo because I think all blogs need pictures.

Here's one to celebrate Spring for my northern hemisphere readers!  I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


  1. I am a massive procrastinator when it comes to my writing at the moment, never get anything done! Not so much with exercise - I do a different sport/exercise every evening and love it! probably why I'm so hyper. :D
    Can't wait for Scent of Magic, my hands are itching for it already.

  2. Have I just landed on the blog of my procrastination twin? ;o) Yep, I'm a HUGE procrastinator. Gotta love Twitter, and FB and Goodreads, and baking and ... and ... and ... hehehe.

    Am currently reading Poison Studt, btw. Thought it about time I checked you out (in a reading none stalkerish kinda way).

    J.A. Belfield

  3. Happy Easter to you and a petting to Valek, really cute. My cat love posing as long as you compliment him...^^;; ( siamese part oblige)

    all the best

  4. You described it perfectly. I do this everyday and some days, the procrastination wins out. But I feel so refreshed and invigorated on days when I finally get going, work through the warm up, and start kicking out the pages.

  5. Er...actually, I'm here reading your blog in an effort to put off doing my revisions :-)

    Although I love to see what you are saying, too...

    I have a black cat (Magic the Cat, Queen of the Universe) who is very photogenic. Just ask her.

    Okay, I'm really going to edit now...

  6. I totally procrastinate. Right now, I'm actually working on making myself just do it. So much easier and I feel so much happier and accomplished. Why do we resist?

  7. Valek's so elegant! Thanks for sharing him :-)

  8. Valek looks identical to my Abigail! Can't wait for Scent of Magic!

  9. I'm glad I'm not alone! And I will agree with Barmybex that it's easier to exercise when it's something fun like when I play volleyball :)

    Thanks for the comments about Valek - black cats have a bad rep sometimes, but he's a sweetheart...sometimes ;> Although the other night he scared the life out of me - he was lying on a black rug and I glanced down and saw these two huge glowing eyes looking up at me. I thought my rug was possessed! LOL That's what I get for writing late at night ;>

  10. I'm not a great photographer, but I have experience with the difficulties of photographing dark animals (I have a tuxedo cat, a tortoise shell cat, and a brindle dog). I find morning or just prior to dusk natural light works the best. If there's too much artificial light or if it's midday, the light merely reflects off the coat and they look like a giant mass with no features. So just open all the windows and hope Valek is up for his close up!

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