This chapter has a few more tasting methods and Yelena learning how to distinguish scents and flavors.  I wanted to show that the training takes time, that there is more to the job then just waiting to see if the taster keels over dead.  And that there are ways to bypass the taster if an assassin is observant enough.  I also wanted to show Yelena’s intelligence – that she is taking notes and learning her way around the castle in case she needs to escape.

Near the end, Yelena tastes Have a Drink, My Love.  I’d read a couple articles that said poison is used by more women to kill than by men, which gave me the the idea of a special poison used to murder husbands.  The name sparked from an image in my mind of a wife handing her husband a cup of tea laced with this poison.  Have a Drink, My Love (or My Love for short) is popular with my readers and I’m not sure if I should be proud or nervous :).

At the end of the chapter, Yelena wakes in a puddle of her own bodily fluids.  I had two reasons for this.  One to show Margg is not a nice person, and two that her job is dangerous and dirty and not glamorous.

Question 3 – In the Glass books, what was Opal gifted with for completing "spy training"?

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