I hope you enjoyed reading all 31 chapter notes for Poison Study! Writing them all was more work that I had anticipated, but it was really fun to re-read those chapters and think about my thought process and what was going on in my life at that time. It's surprising just how much of my life is in my books!

Here are the 31 questions. Yes, some of them are hard and others...not so much. There will be 10 winners picked from the highest scorers.  The Rafflecopter will be open until November 7th.  The contest is open to ALL (yes, that means worldwide :).  I will post the winners and answers by November 10th.

1. What profession would Valek take up in a perfect world?
2. How many languages has Poison Study been translated into?
3. In the Glass books, what was Opal gifted with for completing “Spy training”?
4. What is the nickname Valek gives to Ari and Janco?
5. In the Glass series, who are Teegan and Reema?
6. How many awards has Poison Study won?
7. In Storm Watcher, what does Luke name his Papillion?
8. In the Study Series, who does Marrok work for?
9. In Inside Out, who has Dada Sheepy?
10. How did Valek warn his intended assassination victims?
11. Approximately how many copies of Poison Study have been sold worldwide?
12. In Taste of Darkness, who is Noak’s “Little Brother”?
13. In Inside Out, what is Trella’s full name?
14. Who gave Yelena her switchblade?
15. In the Study Series, who is Petal?
16. How many lives has Poison Study saved?
17. In the Glass Series, who gave Opal her switchblade?
18. In Touch of Power, how does Avry describe Kerrick’s scent?
19. In my short story, Sword Point, what do the students use to kill the vampires?
20. In my short story, Mongrel, what is the name of the “dog” she rescues?
21. Where did Ambrose grow up?
22. In the Glass Series, what did Devlen give to Opal as a wedding present?
23. In Taste of Darkness, what is the motto Avry and her friends use in place of “Thank the
24. In Inside Out, what are Logan and Anne-Jade called?
25. How many editions of Poison Study have been published in total?
26. What are Janco and Ari’s hourse names?
27. In Storm Watcher, what is the name of Megan’s favorite dog?
28. In Touch of Power, where did Kerrick finally admit he cared for Avry?
29. What is Janco allergic to?
30. What is the name of the assassin school Valek attended?
31. In my short story, Halloween Men, which day are the citizens allowed to take off their masks in public?

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The winners will receive this custom T-shirt that tells the world that you're a die-hard reader of my books (I will contact you to get your size).  Good luck everyone!!


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