A bit more backstory and world building in this chapter. I imagined Ixia a bit like the Soviet Union back before the “revolution.” When everyone had papers and were constantly watched by the Secret Police.

Yelena has her big test and it’s like Russian Roulette, avoid the bullet. Except the test is rigged, but the reader isn’t sure who spiked the juice. It’s obvious it wasn’t Valek and with her recent troubles with Brazell, he’s the prime suspect. At the time, I had no idea who did it and hoped the answer would come to me later in the book. It did! Seat-of-the-pants wins again!

I liked the scene in the throne room with the Commander and the two “factions.” It shows the Commander’s personality—that he’s interested in his officers’ opinions and is willing to let them experiment—further ruining my plans for him as a military despot. And there’s mention of a prisoner—the only one—to escape from the dungeon. I named him Marrok, thinking that was the end of it and him. Except it wasn’t.

This chapter also has Yelena moving into a room in Valek’s suite, which increases the amount of time they spend together. And it shows the reader Valek’s living quarters. I’d first thought that since he was an assassin, he’d have hardly any possessions and be ready to leave at a moment’s notice, but that’s the stereotype. Valek turned out to be a pack rat! Who also enjoyed learning/reading and has a collection of weapons (that isn’t a surprise – but would it surprise you that I have a nice collection of nasties in my office? My readers don’t call me a Super Villain Author for nothing wink emoticon. Like all my characters, Valek began as a stereotype, but he developed as I wrote about him, deepening and become more complex.

The original reason for those gray rocks strewed about his suite was to show Valek as a pack rat and also as someone who is interested in many different things, like geology. I’d no idea they would become so important!!

At the end of this chapter – don’t you just hate Margg? More evidence she’s nasty!

Question 8 – Who does Marrok work for?

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