In this chapter, Yelena compares herself to a rat.  In fact, there have been many references to rats in the previous chapters, but here she’s reflecting on how much they have in common.  The rat is a metaphor for her feelings of being a victim of feeling unclean and forced to live in the shadows, to be constantly on guard and not trust anyone.  She’s prey and she thinks of Valek as the predator.  And not just any predator, but a snow cat, who is prey to no one.  Not even humans.

I originally thought of snow cats to be similar to white tigers or leopards. Their abilities to avoid hunters is almost magical. I haven’t decided if they have magic or not. Perhaps it will be decided in a future book when the cats let me know.

There is also mention of the uniforms and how people will be lazy and not look at a person’s face, just see a cook’s uniform and assume the person is a cook.  That’s from when I worked as a waitress and some customers wouldn’t even make eye contact, they’d order their food and ignore me. Which can be useful in certain…clandestine activites ;).

The colors on the uniforms was another short cut so I didn’t have to spell out what Military District people were from.  I gave the Commander red and black because red is my favorite color.  The others, I just randomly assigned colors.  Here’s the list: MD-1 White, MD-2 Tan, MD-3 Purple, MD-4 Silver, MD-5 Green, MD-6 Blue, MD-7 Yellow, MD-8 Orange.

Question 9 – In Inside Out, who has Dada Sheepy?

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