The chase!  Yelena is surprised by Brazell’s goons and is trapped. However, a strange buzzing sound saves her from capture. That is the first time her magic manifests in real time. Up to this point, she’s been dreaming and remembering strange things that have happened to her before.  I wanted to show that her power only appears when she’s in dire need and call it her “survival instinct” because she doesn’t have any other way to explain it at this time.

If I’d been smart, I would have figured out the specifics of her magic before continuing past this chapter.  I would have set up the magic system with rules, consequences, limits, etc… But I didn’t.  Nope, seat-of-the-pants writers like myself just write and decide things on the fly.  And sometimes it gets us into trouble.  Don’t worry, I’ll point out those times as we go through the book.  ;)

This chapter is also the first time you get to see Valek in action.  At first, I considered having him fight the two goons – a big sword fight with lots of acrobatics, but then I remembered the scene in the movie Raiders of the Lost Ark, where the big bad guy has this huge scimitar and is swinging it around and the viewer is eagerly expecting a cool sword fight and Indiana Jones pulls out his gun and shoots the big bad – smart and effective.  And I thought Valek is smart – there’s no need for a big fight.  Plus he was late and didn’t want to harm those guys since technically they’re on the same side.

This chapter ends with one of my favorite lines in the book.  Valek says, “It’s a dirty way to fight, but I’m late for lunch.”

Question 5 – In the Glass series, who are Teegan and Reema?

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