When the Commander first arrived in my mind and assassinated the King, I’d first imagined him to be a power hungry despot and stereotypical military dictator. He was cast as an antagonist (same as Valek) but he just wouldn’t play along. No, he arrived on scene as someone who loathed extravagance and opulence. He saw everyone as equals and didn’t play favorites. No, I’d no clue at this point that he was transgendered. I don’t outline, preferring to discover the story and the characters as I write.

In this chapter, Yelena’s problems are just beginning. General Brazell becomes an active threat and she meets the Commander. However, I also have her meet and befriend Rand. It made sense to me that the food taster and chef would work together and Yelena needs a friend when she’s surrounded by enemies. I also introduced how the servants bet and wager on what’s going on in the castle – that also made sense to me, they see and hear lots of things and are practically invisible. The gambling is a clue for what happens later with Rand and the servants are also a potential source of information – something Yelena can use later.

Question 4 – What is the nickname Valek gives to Ari and Janco?

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